I’m amazed. I posted a message on a writers’ site and got a lot of replies. All were encouraging, some were helpful, and one was from a professional editor/publisher. What he said opened my eyes.
He looked at this web page and took it apart. Said it was obviously amateur and then proceeded to tell me in detail why. Once I looked at the site through his eyes, I could see why he said what he did and I’m now trying to change the site accordingly. I doubt it’ll happen quickly and it’s being done with the help of a web site designer I know. She’s very encouraging. More importantly, she’s very specific and is addressing the concerns of the editor/publisher one at a time with very good advice.
The question I asked originally, though, wasn’t about my site. It was about genres because my stories seem to be mostly clean science fiction romance and I wondered whether there’s a market for such romances.
Again, I got help from many people and, again, the help from that editor/publisher was the most helpful of all. He took a look at my book covers and tore them apart much the same way he tore my web site apart. Yes, I have beautiful covers… if I’m writing romance. Science fiction, not so much.
The thing is, I got that same advice about my covers from a book marketing coach I consulted with. She said in words of one syllable to ditch the beautiful, ethereal covers and go with gritty sci-fi type covers with at least some orange in them and large, easy-to-read titles.
Because according to everyone in the group who answered my question, I don’t write clean science fiction romance, I write science fiction in which there is a romance that just happens to be clean.
Wow! I learned a lot. Thank you everyone!

All my fiction is free now, including my

All my fiction is free now, including my most recent novel, Earth Legend. Except Amazon, of course, where some are .99 http://FlorenceWitkop.com
As for Amazon, they have a policy of not allowing anything free unless someone lets them know that this book is free somewhere else and provides the link to that place. Then they’ll price match so it’ll be free there also.
If anyone has a Kindle and wishes to help out in this regard, there’s a place on the Amazon site for each book that tells you how to do it. I’d appreciate it if someone wants to go to the trouble. Just follow the links on my web site to the Amazon page for each book and follow the instructions.

Earth Legend: A ship hurtles through spa

Earth Legend: A ship hurtles through space towards disaster. What’s not to like? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00193NRY or http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/470363
And I never thought I’d actually finish this novel and get it out there. I still don’t know why it took so long to finish. I was within one and a half chapters of the end and life got in the way and nothing was done for weeks. Okay, months. But I finally got back on track and all ready for readers.