Wilderness Gothic

What I enjoy writing most could be called wilderness gothic. 

I love the slightly scary feel of Gothics and the way they seriously get into the heroine’s head as she works her way through all kinds of problems to a happily-ever-after ending.  But I’ve never been in a castle. Wouldn’t know what one is like. 

I have, however,  lived in the North Woods for many years so I definitely know a bit about the wilderness and I know that being surrounded by thousands of trees that all look alike can be beautiful, restful, pleasant, fun … and sometimes scary.  So when I found myself writing romance fiction more than any other type, I placed those stories in the most enchanting, delicious, scary and dangerous setting I could envision.  The North Woods.

Come journey with my heroines as they struggle through all sorts of gothic-style perils that have been tweaked to fit the wilderness locale that is their every-day world.

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