First e-published fiction

I did it. I navigated the considerably confusing (to me) technical stuff and published my first work on Smashwords. According to Smashwords’ info, they will see to the details of publishing it on many other epublishing sites. Except Amazon, and there’s a reason I chose not to have them publish it there. The important thing, though, it that it’s free and it’s a quick read of a little less than 7,000 words.
The name is “2012 The Eye of The Universe.” It’s a short romance. The blurb goes something like this: ‘The world will end in December of 2012 unless two lovers agree to be separated for eternity. The story deals with what happens when one of those lovers learns the terms… and refuses to abide by them.’ It’s unnecessary to say that it’s based on the Mayan 2012 predictions that my daughter found fascinating enough to put together the predictions with that Mayan ball game that’s somewhat similar to our basketball. The result is a story written with a Gothic feel.
About Amazon. Their software won’t allow for a free read so I followed other authors’ suggestions and posted it there for 99 cents. Since they have a price-matching guarantee, as soon as they realize it’s free elsewhere, they’ll change it to free also. So if you want to read it, I’d suggest Smashwords until Amazon does their thing.
If you do read it and like it, please leave a review. If not, I hope you will quietly turn off the computer before shuddering in disgust, but if that’s not your wont and you prefer to let the world know what you truly think, I believe I’m tough enough to be okay with that too.

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