Night of The Puma

Well, it’s official. I mentioned my next e-pubbed story, Night Of The Puma, on this blog so I guess I’d better get it edited and online.
For those of you out there who purchase e-books, I’d appreciate some feedback. My first story, ‘2012 The Eye Of The Universe,’ was given away for free, a marketing ploy. I did get a few hundred downloads but don’t know if they were by people who actually wanted to see how it ended or because friends are really, really nice people. Anyway, all those of you out there who read e-books, what do you think? Is it appropriate to charge 99 cents for my new novella? Or should I stick with the free download for a while yet?
This new novella was intended to be titled ‘Night Of The Cougar’ until I happened to type ‘cougar’ into a search engine and was rewarded with pictures of older women dating younger guys. Cougar as a large cat was way down the list. So I decided I’d better change the name of my novella. In Mexico and the Southwestern US, cougars are called pumas, so I went with that. Now, though, I maybe should change one of my characters to being from either Mexico or the Southwest in order to justify calling a cougar a puma. It’ll take a while to make the changes but not too long.
When we lived in the real wilderness, miles of forest on all sides, we used to hear a bird that we could never locate. We always wondered what it was. One day, while visiting a home show, as we walked in the door we heard that bird call and figured someone must have it in a cage in their booth, so we went to see what bird it was. Yes, it was in a cage, but a very large cage, because it was a cougar. The shiver that went down my spine upon the realization that a cougar may have been stalking us is something I hope never to feel again. And I was suddenly glad our dogs always chose to walk with us in the woods.
Anyway, I hope you read Night Of The Puma and enjoy it. It’s a wilderness gothic, one of my favorite kind to write.

6 responses to “Night of The Puma”

  1. Hi! I just read your 2012-the-eye-of-the-universe e-book. It was quite good and I am glad had a happy ending! I do not see anything wrong with charging for your new novella. I hate to say that it depends on how long it is as length of a written work should not make any difference, but you know how some people want to think they are getting their money’s worth. 🙂

  2. I buy e books and pay 99cents so yes sell.

  3. I buy ebooks and i get them for free. I don’t mind paying 99 cents for novellas or confession length stories. I’d say if you can sell then sell 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment and the honesty. It truly helps to get other people’s opinions!

  4. Pandora's Box Avatar
    Pandora’s Box

    Saw you on book blogs. Great blog! Check out mine at
    I’ll stay tuned 🙂

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. I find that writing blogs is a whole lot more fun than I expected. I’ll check out your blog immediately.

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