I’m guest blogger on the KeithPublicactions blog in a couple weeks or so.  That’s September 27 for those of you who might want to see what Keith Publications is like and what I have to say. 

 The thing is, I’m technologically challenged so it might be the last guest post I do.  Probably not but I’m an emotional wreck after doing a poor job of what most people can do perfectly in their sleep.  In other words, I’m still recovering from the technology involved in a simple and rather short post. 

 Foolish me, I thought all I’d have to do was write a scintillating post and send it to them.  Like I said, foolish me.

 Keith Publications, like many blogs, knows that authors like me need publicity and they provide it in the form of having me do a guest blog.  Great idea.  Gets my name out, gets out the name of my upcoming book and a little about it.

 And that’s the problem.  In order for them to so nicely get all that information out, they need to have it.  Which means I have to provide it.  All of it.  Me.  Just me.  No fairies out there flitting from my computer to theirs with everything they need to know.  Darn.

So I filled out what seemed like a very, very long form with everything in it I could possibly think of that anyone might want to know about me.  Then I wrote a post.  That part was easy, I enjoy writing. 

 Then I tried to send them everything they wanted.  The form.  I think it got there okay.  A picture of me that my computer refused to upload.  A link to my blog that I might have got to them… or I might not have.  The blog that I’m fairly sure went okay.  If not, then there won’t be a blog by yours truly on the Keith Publications’ site.

 You get the idea.  I’m technologically challenged.  I’ve signed up for a class on WordPress blogs so maybe I’ll be able to figure out how to do this blog that I’ve been doing for over a year.  Or maybe not.  After all this is me we’re talking about here. 

 So maybe this guest blog thing is too much of a good thing.  Maybe I’ll just stick to doing what I do best…. writing romance fiction… and leave the technological stuff to others. 

 Or maybe not.  After all, there’s always next time…

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