On to the next American romance novel with a gothic feel

On to my next novel and back to what I often enjoy, writing a story with a touch of the supernatural.  This time it’s something in a lake that’s been there for a long, long time.  Since before white people came to the north woods.  So the question will be, are the spirits friendly or not?  I’m leaning towards friendly but the thrust of the book requires that the spirits not be too nice.  So I’m trying to decide exactly what the spirits will be like.  Any suggestions?

4 responses to “On to the next American romance novel with a gothic feel”

  1. Well, Florence, how about a spirit who’s friendly enough but does not suffer fools gladly. It wouldn’t be sinister, just not happy with human foibles, and feels the need to teach?

    • Good idea. I was kind of thinking along those lines. Sort of, in a roundabout, disjointed way. (Which is common for me.) And I’d never have thought of the part about ‘not suffering fools gladly.’ I truly like that.

  2. Glad you found something of interest for your story,Florence. Thank you for reminding me to charge my Kindle.(Re your latest post.) We appear to be in the path of the storm, although it might veer away. Who knows.

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