Readers… Wonderful People!

Readers are wonderful people.   Today I’m thinking about readers because writing is a lonely job with little connection to the world, let alone to the people who actually read what I write. 

I know someone out there is reading my works because magazine subscription and book sale statistics tell me my stories are getting out there and are being read. 

But statistics can’t compare to connecting on a personal level with actual readers.  Actual people.  People who have something to say and who say it.  That’s a thrill that I’ll never tire of.

So thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to respond to my posts.  I do read every response and I do take what you’ve said to heart.  (Of course, so far I’ve only gotten positive feedback.  Don’t know how I’ll respond to negative comments and I’m sure those will come because every other writer I’ve spoken to has had it happen.)

Anyway, again… thanks.  This post is for you!

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