After This Perfect Storm

The perfect storm is approaching the East Coast.  Everyone reading this, if you live in the path of that storm, clear the yard of anything that can blow away, stock up the cupboards, make sure there’s wood for the fireplace and fuel for the generator and that you’ve downloaded lots of good reading to your Kindle, Nook or whatever.  And know that we’re thinking of you.

Here in the north woods, we know what it’s like to prepare for bad weather, though ours is usually snow and cold.  It’ll take you a long time to recover from this perfect storm just as it takes us a long time to recover from a nasty blizzard.  I remember one horrible winter when there  had been so many blizzards that there was no place left to shove the snow and plows couldn’t get through anyway.  The only thing that could was road graders and D-9 Cats.  Fortunately, our next door neighbor had a Cat so we were okay but it was odd to look out our window and see him chugging down our driveway in it.

But we’ve never faced a hurricane.  Or floods because we are on a high hill but we’ve had to drive around flooding everywhere around us.  And we expect that you East Coasters, too, will have to face flooding in the near future.  So place the waders where you can find them easily after the storm has gone away and you’ve read everything you downloaded onto  your Nook or Kindle… by flashlight or candlelight, of course, because the electric is out indefinitely, and you need to go out. 

And good luck getting to the polls on election day.  Use a boat if you have to, but get there and vote!

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