The Making of a Series

This post is partly to say ‘hi’ to my favorite people… readers of my blog… but it’s mostly to try out a link to the web page that’ll be very important for Spirit Legend for the week beginning April 8.  And to say a bit about how series are born.  At least, how mine was.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m technologically challenged.  But I bought a book called WordPress for Dummies and, hopefully, following their instructions, I’ll actually create a working link from the web page that’s home to the book blast to this blog. That’ll be the ‘trying out’ part of this post.  To see if it works.  To see if I can actually do it.  So here goes (drum roll):!spirit-legend-by-florence-witkop/c22dh

Okay.  That’s it.  Did it work?  Can readers connect?  Please, please, please let me know!

If so, it’s a huge relief and, come book blast week, I may temporarily replace my home page with something about Spirit Legend that will also contain the link.  If that actually happens, then I’ll truly know how to do links.  But I’ll also be doing it because I want to get the word out about Spirit Legend. Marketing sucks but it’s a necessary component of writing.

The reviews for Spirit Legend have been wonderful.  I want to give each and every reviewer a big hug because everyone who has read it has liked it.  The only negative criticism has been to wish the book was longer so the reader could get to know the characters better.  A flaw that I hope to correct with my next novel, Wolf Legend, which will be book 2 of the Legend series.

Which brings me to the subject of how series come into existence.  Not that I knew I was beginning a series when I wrote Spirit Legend.  That came later when I admitted to the cover artist, Laura Shinn, that I couldn’t come up with a decent title, and the only reason I admitted to her how lacking I was in that respect was because she required a title so she could put it on the cover she was busy designing.

Well, it seems that Laura Shinn is a very creative person.  She came up with the title Spirit Legend.  I used it and it was perfect.

Then, as I began my next novel, it occurred to me that it, too, was about a legend, this time of huge wolves … possibly direwolves from prehistoric times … that were reputed to have been seen on a remote island in Lake of The Woods between Canada and the USA.  And that the book I planned to write after that one was also based on a legend. The Greek legend about Ceres, goddess of agriculture.

And so a series was born.  Might only be three novels, but, who knows, it might be more when the creative muses start whispering in my ear.  And believe me, when they whisper, I listen.

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