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The Numbers Game

Mark Coker is one of my favorite writers.  No, he doesn't write fiction.  Or, as far as I know, anything with a truly creative flair.  What he does do is explain numbers without trying to skew them.  And that's a rare thing. Actually that's a huge thing, especially considering that he's the founder of Smashwords,… Continue reading The Numbers Game

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The Waiting Game

Waiting to hear from an e-publisher may be as bad as waiting to hear from a print publisher.  I just sent Wolf Legend to Samhain Publishing and to The Wild Rose Press.  So now the waiting game begins. They say it'll be weeks before I hear from them.  Okay, they say it might be a couple… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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Last post, I said I was ready to start marketing Wolf Legend, my next contemporary romance novel with a supernatural theme.  Maybe the truth should be that I'm almost ready to start marketing Wolf Legend. I've still got to do one more run-through for editing, typos, etc.  Most of all, I must justify the margins. When I first started… Continue reading Writer/Procrastinator

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The Romance Genre… Or Not

I'm finally... finally... finally... ready to start marketing the second book of my Legend trilogy, Wolf Legend, about a psychic wolf.  Actually two psychic wolves, mother and daughter and the woman they share a mind link with. Marketing requires that I choose a category for my book.  I hate doing that.  Hate, hate, hate it!!!… Continue reading The Romance Genre… Or Not

Book Reviews

Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer Review:  Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer This the first of a series of really fun reads that I read because it was recommended.  Word of mouth is always the best advertisement and this time was no exception. Mary Faber is a street urchin in old London who knows how to read.  She disguises… Continue reading Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer

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The Science Fiction Genre Part 2

Like every other genre that people seek out in great numbers, science fiction now has sub-genres. Nothing spectacular about them, you'll find the same ones in other genres.  Except steampunk.  I'm not sure that's anywhere else.  Let me know if it is, I don't read a lot of it so I might have missed it… Continue reading The Science Fiction Genre Part 2

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Snowed by Pamela Burford Review:  Snowed by Pamela Burford Judging from the original publication date for this book, I'm guessing that it's from Ms Burford's backlist.  It reads like a backlist book.  I liked it but there were things about it suggestive of a writer who hasn't hit her full stride yet. It's the story of a… Continue reading Snowed by Pamela Burford