Grammar for Indie Books

Grammar has been on my mind a lot lately because a group I belong to has been discussing the bad grammar and typos that are so common in indie published books.  A rating system might come out of the discussion or it might not.  Either way, the subject of grammar in independently published work is a valid one.  Perhaps it’s hugely important because so many writers who are also indie publishers don’t vet their work carefully.

I doubt that anyone minds a stray typo or a bad sentence.  But when an entire book is so filled with mistakes, some of which must be due to carelessness rather than a lack of knowledge of proper English usage, then that book gives all of indie publishing a bad name.  It speaks to how lazy some writers are.

There are readers out there who refuse to buy or to read a book unless it’s been published by a publishing house simply because publishers make sure their books have been edited for grammar.  Books with a publisher’s imprint on them tell potential readers that bad grammar won’t pull them away from the story.

That’s a sad statement about the grammar found in many indie written and published books.

I’ll continue following the discussion about grammar until it either peters out or turns into a system for vetting indie published work.  I’ll let you know if a system results.  If so, I’ll do my best to advertise it because anything that validates an indie author’s work so readers will know what they will be getting is a good thing.

I don’t want to see a future in which indie authors lose credibility.

4 responses to “Grammar for Indie Books”

  1. Your post certainly hits the spot for me ….
    If I find too many errors, I contact the author directly and give them a list.
    ALL the authors I’ve contacted have been appreciative and immediately corrected and replaced their books being sold 🙂
    The main problem for them seems to have been their dependence on their word processing programmes auto-correct facility …..
    My advice has always been DON’T trust it, do your own editing, or, get someone else (who is firm but polite and honest with you) to read it through BEFORE publishing.

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