Snowed by Pamela Burford


Review:  Snowed by Pamela Burford

Judging from the original publication date for this book, I’m guessing that it’s from Ms Burford’s backlist.  It reads like a backlist book.  I liked it but there were things about it suggestive of a writer who hasn’t hit her full stride yet.

It’s the story of a poor Arkansas girl who is the product of rape who makes good and goes to New York City to confront her father.  He has died but his son is sexy and nice and she falls for him.  The rest of the story follows the various twists and turns during which they figure out that they aren’t blood relatives after all so it’s all right for them to fall in love and marry.

I thought the twists and turns were a bit clumsy, and that’s what I meant by being suggestive of a newbie writer, but they worked and, to be honest, Ms. Burford did manage a plot that most writers wouldn’t even tackle, let alone do so successfully.  And I loved the characters.  Loved them.  Ms. Burford’s characters jump from the page. I especially loved the ‘don’t-call-me-a-southern-hillbilly-one-more-time-or-I’ll-belt-you’ heroine as she makes her way through the big city.

It was well edited and I didn’t notice any typos.  Yeah!!!  This was free, the second of two free books I downloaded recently.  I’m glad I did and, after reading excerpts of Ms. Burford’s newer books, I just might buy one or two.

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    • Glad you checked it out. I came to contemporary romance slowly, but I find it’s such an all-encompassing genre that there’s always something to read. I have a couple free reads on Smashwords. One is science fiction romance, the other is contemporary, small town romance.

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