Last post, I said I was ready to start marketing Wolf Legend, my next contemporary romance novel with a supernatural theme.  Maybe the truth should be that I’m almost ready to start marketing Wolf Legend.

I’ve still got to do one more run-through for editing, typos, etc.  Most of all, I must justify the margins. When I first started e-publishing, I tried writing first drafts with justified margins so I wouldn’t have to go back and do it later.  It didn’t work. It drove me crazy.  All those letters jumping all over the place whenever I made a change.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try it.  You’ll go blind very quickly.  Or insane.  Or both.)  And I changed at least a few things in every chapter.  Even if I was on rewrite number ten.

So I quit creating with justified margins and must go back and redo the entire book now that I’m finally, finally truly done with it. Actually I justified it twice already and then un-justified it so I could make changes without going blind.  But this time I’m sure I’m done.

Really sure.

Pretty sure.

Almost sure…

Okay, I’m a writer and that means I’m never done.  I just reach a point in the creative process where I send it off whether I’m satisfied or not.  My husband often threatens to tear my latest manuscript from my clutching, ink-stained fingers because that’s the only way it’ll ever go out into the world.

4 responses to “Writer/Procrastinator”

  1. When you’re absolutely, positively, 99% almost certain sure your book is ready to publish, don’t forget to let me know it’s release date and I will promote it on my blog Florence 🙂

    Also, sorry I can’t touch base with you on FB, I’ve contacted so many authors I know and been referred, by them, to authors I DON’t know, that FB thought I was spamming and locked my friending / Fan functions for 30 days 😦

    Managed to connect with over 250 of them though 🙂

    Maybe if you send me a friend request, I will be allowed to accept 🙂

  2. I tried sending it to Samhain last evening and received an error message saying the address wasn’t valid even though I copied and pasted the address from their website submissions page. Oh the joys of being a writer!

    1. Follow this link to their Contact Us Form Florence, fill it in and tell them your problem:


      Remember to always make sure you have SEVERAL copies of your work before sending it to them, in case the cyber gremlins eat it 🙂

  3. I already did as you suggested soon after it didn’t go through. I’m still waiting for a reply. Hopefully it’ll come soon.

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