The Romance Genre Part 2

I started writing a review of Finding Eden, a young adult, urban fantasy romance. Then I realized it made more sense to first talk about young adult romances since they are a sub-genre of the romance genre, and to review Finding Eden after the sub-genre has been defined. So here’s my take on young adult romances.

First of all, you must understand that they are only partly aimed at high school kids. Yes, those kids read them, and they read them in droves. But adults read them too. I read them, though not often. But I know there are whole online chat groups of adults who read young adult romance. I suspect I know why.

Young adult romances never involve sex unless or until the couple are married as in The Hunger Games and The Twilight series. Furthermore they are about young people with their lives ahead of them, which is equally appealing. Put those two things together and you have coming-of-age stories written around a romantic theme without gratuitous sex.

But there’s more. The Young Adult sub-genre includes other sub-genres. Urban Fantasy is a big one. Small Town is another. Just about any other sub-genre of romance can be paired with Young Adult and that means a whole lot of people will read in that genre. Enough that there’s now another sub-genre of romance that’s an extension of the Young Adult sub-genre. It’s called New Adult. More about that another time, for now, it’s enough to know that romances about high school kids aren’t just for high school kids. They are for everyone.

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