Try, Try, and Try Again

First, a little housekeeping. I’ll be gone this week and might not be able to post to this blog. I’ll try, but if there’s nothing to read for the next few days, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s just that I’m unable to connect. I know, I know! I should write ahead. Some day I’ll be that organized, it’s in my plans for the future. For now I’m still writing posts on a day-to-day basis.


Writers should try, try, and try again. That’s a given in the writing business. You’re never done learning and never done trying. But did you know that this trait that’s so important for you, the writer, is just as important for the characters you create?

Think about it. What makes you a good writer? Trying and then trying again when you don’t achieve the desired result the first time. So what do you think would make your readers like your characters even more than they already do and cheer them on even more than they are doing now? Trying. Because people don’t admire success as much as they admire the struggle.

Not everyone has been Number One or won the gold ring. But everyone knows what it’s like to try. The struggle is what makes us human and is what makes your characters real.

Use that struggle in your fiction. Show the struggle. Show success if that’s part of the story, but also show failure. Your characters will gain depth, your stories will be better, and more people will read your books.

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