After The End

The time comes when each and every writer must finish what they write and send it out into the world. The problem is that very few writers know when it’s done. When it’s ready. When it should be sent away. Most writers will edit, change and tweak their works even after they’ve been published if they get the chance and they will fight to get the chance. It’s the nature of the job.

But if a writer is ever going to get started on that next story that’s already waiting in the wings, then that writer must stop working on the present one. Ready or not, the current work must come to an end and be sent out or the writer’s career will end up stalled. So how is a writer to know when that magical moment is that the story is done?

The answer is, they don/t. They just choose an end, a time when they find they are just playing with words and phrases and other little things that don’t change the story significantly even though it does improve it … and they let it go.

Writers, by their very nature, will never be satisfied. Nothing is ever perfect but writers don’t seem to know that.

But if they are to be professionals, they must let the story go. Perfect or not, it must get out there. If you feel something wasn’t as good as it should be, forget it and vow to do better in the next manuscript. So get your current story out there and then get that next story started.

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