You Are In Your Stories

One of the most common pieces of advice given to new writers is to write what they know. What they are familiar with. It’s good advice but all by itself this advice comes up short. When given this advice, writers should ask why they should do so.

The answer is simple. Because every writer is in every story they tell. So knowing what they are doing in their own story can expedite the process.

Think of the story you want to tell. Take it apart. Find yourself. Are you the main character, a minor one, or the omnipotent voice-over? Are you a spy watching from behind a curtain and judging other characters? Or are you someone else? Think about it until you figure out who you are.

Once you’ve found yourself, figure out why you are there. What you are trying to accomplish. You know yourself so you know the answers. How you got in your story. What you’re doing there.

Then start writing. Start telling your story. Knowing your place in it will make telling that story easier.

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