Change Things

Stories can be boring. Or interesting. They can be perfectly right. Or terribly wrong. Sometimes the only difference is in the mind of the writer during the act of creating said story. If you have any reservations at all about your own story, there’s something you can do to figure it out and fix anything that might be wrong.

Take it apart. Rearrange whole chunks. Tighten the timeline or lengthen it. Change the locale, the weather, the writing style. Maybe even the genre. Do you like the new story better than the original? If so, then go with the new one because more often than not, your story will be better for the rearranging. That goes for characters as well as plot. Change their roles and see if they fit better somewhere else. They just might.

If nothing about the new arrangement grabs you, then stick with what you have because it’s probably the best arrangement for that story. If not then keep rearranging until you know it’s the best possible way to tell whatever story you’re telling.

And when you have a spare moment or two, think of a story you didn’t like. Movie, book, whatever. Take that story apart and change it until it’s the way you think it should be. The practice will show you how easy this technique is and how valuable.

And maybe you’ll have found a new story in that old awful one you’re using for practice that’s just waiting for you to write it.


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