The Fire Within

You’re a professional writer. Or you want to become one. Either way, the payoff is people reading what you write and paying money to purchase it. It’s a business, right?

But it’s more than a business. It’s an extension of yourself. If it isn’t… if each story you write doesn’t have some part of you in it, then no one will read it, no one will pay for it, and it won’t be a business after all.

So, how do you make sure you write stories people will want to read?

You dig down deep inside of yourself and then you dig deeper and deeper until you find the fire that burns in you so hotly that it drives you. And drives your writing. It might be something so basic that until you conduct that search you didn’t even know it existed. But it does and it’s what shapes you as a writer.

So you look as long and as hard as is necessary and you don’t stop until you find that one thing that defines you. That you want so badly that it’s past want. It’s need. And you figure out a way to put that into your writing. If it doesn’t go into your stories directly, then make sure it’s in them indirectly, driving the writing process.

Because there is a fire within you and when you find it, it’ll bring readers to your stories.

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