The Last Day: The whole month of Novembe

The Last Day:

The whole month of November is special to me because my birthday falls in November. So I feel somewhat cheated that it has fewer days than other months. The end of November, one of the short months. I’m looking forward to December, not only because of Christmas but also because it’s the month when I must have everything ready for the launch of Wolf Legend. I hope it goes well.

Other worlds: Been thinking of space fli

Other worlds:

Been thinking of space flight. It’s a favorite topic of mine, ever since I was a kid. I used to sit in the middle of the yard and wonder if I’d be able to go into space. I figured it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime but I had science fiction and that was a good substitute. So I suppose my next novel Earth Legend is only natural, an outgrowth of my desire to explore the universe.

Cats and keyboards: I’m having a hard t

Cats and keyboards:

I’m having a hard time keeping Smoke the cat off the computer keyboard. He knows it’s important, therefore he wants to claim it as his own and he does that by laying down on it. Once I had to have the computer repaired after Smoke finished his nap on the keyboard. The computer repair man said he thinks all cats have a similar desire to sleep on keyboards. So now I’m careful. Very careful.

Thanksgiving: Checking into what to make


Checking into what to make for Thanksgiving. The torch has been passed and we no longer have everyone over to our place. I never minded doing the work but I never knew how to delegate to I did most of it myself even though the kids always volunteered to do whatever I asked. But now we go somewhere else and I bring whatever they tell me to. Because, unlike their mom, they are great organizers. Guess they take after their dad.