Readers: I think about my readers and I


I think about my readers and I wonder if they will be irritated that the wolves in Wolf Legend aren’t werewolves. I wonder because werewolves are big now. But I’ve never gone in for werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters or any of the other usual characters found in a lot of paranormal stories. So to anyone out there who might be wondering, my wolves are just wolves. Okay, they are direwolves, those huge wolves of prehistoric times. Okay, maybe they are larger than direwolves. And some of them are psychic. But other than those minor details, they are just ordinary, everyday gray wolves, the kind that live here in Minnesota. One crossed our field early this morning.

One response to “Readers: I think about my readers and I”

  1. LOL stop underselling your lovely wolves Florence – they’re fine as they are and not everyone likes werewolves, etc. 🙂

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