Winter Lakes: I always wonder about the

Winter Lakes:

I always wonder about the life beneath the ice in the winter. I know green and growing plants stay there all winter long unless the snow on top of the ice gets so thick that the sunlight can’t penetrate. I’m a coward and stay off the lake ice because I know there are cracks and open spots where it heaves. You can hear the ice moving on a cold night. It sounds like a jet breaking the sound barrier. Once I wrote a story about the caves that are formed when the water recedes during the winter and leaves a space between the top of the water and the bottom of the ice. It won a literary award so I guess it was an okay story. And I still like to stick my head through holes and observe life beneath the ice.

2 responses to “Winter Lakes: I always wonder about the”

  1. I once took a snowmobile over open water by accident…it was thrilling and worrisome at the same time.

    1. I once took a snowmobile on the only ice between two spots of open water. I didn’t realize there was open water until it was too late. I gunned that machine so as not to fall in the lake. I’m in awe of your being able to see the thrill of it. All I could see was sheer terror.

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