Dogs and wolves are related. They can in

Dogs and wolves are related. They can interbreed. So why are they so different? Because dogs read human emotions and wolves don’t. Unless the wolf shares a mind link with a human, like Snowball in Wolf Legend. Unfortunately, it’s a story. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was true? Wouldn’t you like to know how wolves think? Or maybe not if all you’d get from the wolf was that you could be a tasty snack. Or if the wolf was laughing at you for being such a wimpy, weakling.

I saw a meteor the other night. And I sa

I saw a meteor the other night. And I saw another on TV that was huge. Flashes of light in the night sky. Beautiful. And both of them made me think of my next book,Earth Legend. It’s the third of the Legends trilogy. It’s about life in a space ship. Yes, I know Earth Legend is an odd title for a story that takes place in a space ship, but this ship isn’t like most ships plying the cosmos. It’s a tiny replica of Earth that’s hurtling through space, sustaining ten thousand people as they span the distance between stars. And between Earth and an Earth-like planet the descendants of the original crew plan to colonize. A multi-generational space ship that’s as much like Earth as possible so the children and grand-children of the original crew will know what life on a planet is like.

Only two more days left in 2013. I’m lo

Only two more days left in 2013. I’m looking forward to 2014. Lots of plans. Three books in the pipeline. I wonder how much I’ll actually get done. At least two, but I’m aiming for all three. And I know a lot more about marketing than I did at the beginning of 2013. In theory, I know how to spread the word. But I also know that all my big plans require a substantial commitment of time. I hope I’m up to it. I am up to it. I know I am.

Releasing a book into the big, wide worl

Releasing a book into the big, wide world is like sending a kid off to college. Is it ready? Will it be able to stand up to bullies? Did I do a good enough job? And so on and so on. Problem is, even when the kid is in college… or the book out there for people to read… the worrying doesn’t stop. It never stops. As rewriting never stops if there’s a chance to change something. But the day does come when it’s time and that day is coming soon for Wolf Legend and for Snowball, the wolf pup. I hope she’s tough enough for the big, scary world. Or adorable enough to charm everyone she comes in contact with.

It’s been above freezing for a couple o

It’s been above freezing for a couple of days now. Balmy, tropical temperatures. But today the temperature is supposed to plunge all day long until tonight it’ll be in the twenty to thirty below zero range. Again. But it won’t stay there long, a few nights is all. Then up to warm weather again. It’s a roller-coaster winter. Hummmmm…. my farthest-out book, the one still in the planning stage, is going to depend a great deal on the near-future ice age that’ll be gripping the planet. Opposite of global warming so it’ll surprise everyone and no one will be prepared. My main characters will live on and in the glaciers as a way of escaping retribution for the sins of a family member. So I should start doing research right here and now. By going outside and experiencing it personally? Naaaahh!!! I’ll just look out the window.

The characters for my next book are alre

The characters for my next book are already gathering in my mind. That’s the one that will follow the one I’ll write after the Legends trilogy is finished. And I don’t even have a title for the one after the Legends trilogy yet. How will I ever think of a title for the one after that?
But I know that’s how it goes. One story appearing on the page while the details of another are being jotted down and the story after that is wispy thoughts caroming around in my mind.

The day after Christmas should be a holi

The day after Christmas should be a holiday because everyone needs a day of real rest after the festivities. We are putting our feet up on the coffee table and leaning back and taking a nap. Of course, afterwards the snow is accumulating on the driveway and must be blown off and all those boxes and all that paper must somehow be condensed into manageable wads to be recycled.
Which makes me wonder. Can people be recycled? Should we be? And if so, what would the process be like? Hummmmm. Surely there’s a story in there somewhere.
But I think that for now I’ll just enjoy the snow out the window and the warmth inside.