It’s snowing. It happens every year and

It’s snowing. It happens every year and every year I rediscover the beauty of winter. I got the mail this morning as usual. But for the first time since last winter, I first put on my winter coat, hat, mittens and warm, warm boots. Then I slogged through new-fallen snow and was out of breath by the time I reached the end of the driveway and retrieved two ads. That’s all. Two ads. But the trip to the mailbox and the trip back to the house reaffirmed that winter can be wonderful. Of course it’s not truly cold yet. The farther below zero the temps fall the more I wonder why I thought winter was so great. And the longer the snow stays around, turning dirtier all the time, the more I look forward to spring. But for now, trees hanging heavy with white frosting and endless acres of sculpted drifts are beautiful.

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