We’re working on a jigsaw puzzle. We do

We’re working on a jigsaw puzzle. We do it every year after the Christmas rush is past and the tree no longer is the center of attention. We set it up on a separate table and work on it during odd moments. This year, however, our grandson presented us with two puzzles last week so we got a jump on the jigsaw puzzle season. The problem is that jigsaw puzzles are addicting. Once when standing in line behind a man purchasing a jigsaw puzzle, I mentioned that fact to him. He replied that he’d once done a puzzle so large that when it was done it became a ten-foot long mural on his living room wall. Whew! We’re not that bad but we do puzzles.
So I’m getting my writing done early in the day so I’ll be sure and actually do it!

2 responses to “We’re working on a jigsaw puzzle. We do”

  1. I loved jigsaw puzzles, but since becoming allergic to the dust and ink fumes from real jigsaws, books, papers and magazines I now read only ebooks and do jigsaws on my computer – not so much fun 🙂

  2. Puzzles are a great pastime here in winter!!!

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