I sometimes write my posts a few days ah

I sometimes write my posts a few days ahead. I was glad for that this week because DH ended up in the hospital and I didn’t have to worry about posting because it was already done. He’ll be home soon, though he might spend Christmas in the hospital. But things have settled down, and I’m writing again.
And I learned something while away from it. What I learned is that writing is addictive. I used to chuckle when other writers said they felt compelled to write. I wondered why they felt that way because I’ve never felt that same compulsion. But now I realize that, even if I’m not compelled to write, I enjoy the process and I like looking back on what I wrote to decide whether it can be improved. Okay, to decide exactly how to improve it because all my writing benefits from a second run-through.
But, beyond that, I like the feel of my fingers on the keyboard. I’ve always been glad that when I was in high school I took business typing as an elective. I felt like an idiot in a class with all those girls who wanted to be secretaries when I planned to go to college. But I’ve never regretted that decision because, as a writer, it’s been immeasurably useful and strangely calming, as is the thought process that goes with creating a story.
When I first realized that writing is calming, I chuckled once more, until I realized that writing is a creative act and creating something is always good for the soul, the mind and all the rest of me. And you. And everyone.

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