It’s been above freezing for a couple o

It’s been above freezing for a couple of days now. Balmy, tropical temperatures. But today the temperature is supposed to plunge all day long until tonight it’ll be in the twenty to thirty below zero range. Again. But it won’t stay there long, a few nights is all. Then up to warm weather again. It’s a roller-coaster winter. Hummmmm…. my farthest-out book, the one still in the planning stage, is going to depend a great deal on the near-future ice age that’ll be gripping the planet. Opposite of global warming so it’ll surprise everyone and no one will be prepared. My main characters will live on and in the glaciers as a way of escaping retribution for the sins of a family member. So I should start doing research right here and now. By going outside and experiencing it personally? Naaaahh!!! I’ll just look out the window.

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