Releasing a book into the big, wide worl

Releasing a book into the big, wide world is like sending a kid off to college. Is it ready? Will it be able to stand up to bullies? Did I do a good enough job? And so on and so on. Problem is, even when the kid is in college… or the book out there for people to read… the worrying doesn’t stop. It never stops. As rewriting never stops if there’s a chance to change something. But the day does come when it’s time and that day is coming soon for Wolf Legend and for Snowball, the wolf pup. I hope she’s tough enough for the big, scary world. Or adorable enough to charm everyone she comes in contact with.

2 responses to “Releasing a book into the big, wide worl”

  1. I really think you have a winner, could not put it down, read it through in one sitting, was wonderful written, characters were easy to like and follow, and snowball was perfect!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your gift of story telling!!!

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