Wolf Legend

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What do you do when your brothers get sick and can’t take their client to an island as promised? They tell  you that you can have the fee and you know it’ll go a long way towards defraying your college tuition. Of course the client is a professor at your college but he’s nothing to you. His specialty is wolves and he believes he’ll find some on the island. A fools’ errand because there are no wolves on that island but he’ll pay whether he finds wolves or not.

When that happened to Jane, she checked her finances, packed her knapsack and cast off for an easy week’s work.

Then the largest wolf she’d ever seen charged through their camp and connected mentally with her and invited her to come for a visit to sort out this strange psychic connection they seem to share. What did she do? She followed it (and Buck followed her) through a cave into another universe where her psychic connection to the alpha female of the wolf pack was all that kept them alive.

When they finally returned to their world, they brought back an injured pup to be healed in spite of the fact that the pup, Snowball, would become a huge, dangerous predator in a world where it didn’t belong. As time passed, Jane’s psychic connection was all that kept the pup safe from the world and the world safe from the pup.

But the pup wouldn’t stay a pup forever and they were forced to consider its future.  Should they return a wolf that they had trained not to kill to a world where it must kill to survive? Or should they keep a huge, dangerous predator in a world where its true identity cannot be kept secret forever?

And which of them should care for the wolf pup if it stayed in our world? Jane, who shared a mind link with it? Or Buck, the wolf researcher with the knowledge to assess its needs? And what about the alternate world? Can they keep its existence a secret?

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