I’m making soup today. It’s a winter t

I’m making soup today. It’s a winter thing. Soup is wonderful in cold weather and winter provides the necessary quiet hours for it to cook. Today definitely qualifies on both counts. According to the weather people, the Polar Vortex is now over Minnesota. That’s the pool of cold air at the top of the world.
Which made me think of a book that’s still being worked out in my mind. I plan for it to be based in a really cold place. Like the glaciers that, in my story, will be once again creeping down the USA as a new ice age begins. So when I heard the term Polar Vortex I knew I had the title for that book. What do you think?

2 responses to “I’m making soup today. It’s a winter t”

    1. Hi Blinky. If you live in northern Minnesota you know what a quiet winter’s day is like.

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