A solar flare reached earth the night be

A solar flare reached earth the night before last. It was all over the news. Watch for it. Might interfere with communications. Most of all, though, the Aurora Borealis would be spectacular. Beautiful. gorgeous. So we looked forward all day to the night display. (Sort of like when the spirit in Spirit Legend appeared over the lake. The spirit was inspired by the Aurora.)
Didn’t happen. Clouds obscured the night sky and also the Aurora. The night news said the Aurora itself might not have come as far south as expected so perhaps we didn’t miss much but I believe that was just to make us feel better, not because it was true.
As compensation, though, the next morning was gorgeous. All the snow fog that obscured the Aurora coated every tree, every bush, the power lines and everything else with thick frost. It was beautiful and still is as I write this a day later. A flock of crows is flying in and out of the fog like black messengers in a white void.
So for every wonder taken away, another is given.

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