Cross your fingers for my son, Gary Witk

Cross your fingers for my son, Gary Witkop. He sent the manuscript of his next book, Dakota She-Wolf, to a publisher who’d expressed an interest in seeing it. Then he emailed me and asked me to pray for it’s acceptance. So I’m walking around the house mumbling. Hopefully God will hear and, when He stops laughing at my ineptitude, will consider granting my request.
I think it’s interesting that both mother and son chose to write about wolves at the same time, neither knowing the other was doing so. Gary’s book, unlike mine, is about real, live wolves, the kind that were re-introduced to Yellowstone and have spread beyond the park’s borders.
Which just goes to show how much wolves have insinuated themselves into our lives, along with the conundrums and controversy their reintroduction has created. They have invaded many peoples’ imaginations, not just ours.
I’m glad my wolves are of the imaginary variety but I suspect Gary’s book might be more widely read because real wolves and their place in the real world is a topic of much debate and interest.

4 responses to “Cross your fingers for my son, Gary Witk”

  1. Good luck to both of you, Florence!

    They want to introduce wolves into Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, to deal with the deer population. Well after that, what’s going to handle the wolf population?

    I like wolves…on television. 🙂

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