Read a tweet the other day. It asked whe

Read a tweet the other day. It asked whether people write with or without music. I replied that I write without music because I can either listen to music or write but I can’t do both at the same time and if there’s music playing somewhere then I’ll forget everything else and just listen. Not so good for creative endeavors.
There is one exception. When I’m driving and need to stay focused, I turn on heavy metal. Same thing when I need to create white noise to block out something that’s preventing me from concentrating. At home it doesn’t work so well because DH can’t stand heavy metal. Okay, I’m not a fan either, but that’s the whole point. It blocks out distracting noises without taking me away from what I’m doing.
So I wonder if that’s what’s happening with all those people I see walking around wearing earbuds who are totally tuned out of the world around them. Are they simply creating white noise so they can think? Or just using it to escape reality? Either way, I wonder if they’d be better off without the earbuds. Unless they are in heavy traffic or near a construction jone. Everyone needs earbuds in those situations.

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