I’d like to continue from yesterday. Ok

I’d like to continue from yesterday. Okay, I’m back on that soapbox but I promise I’ll be as brief as possible and won’t go on and on until I kill this blog completely. But one of the reasons I’m a writer is because what I have to say becomes more clear as time passes. I’d make a terrible politician or anyone who has to think on their feet because I’d put my foot in my mouth on a regular basis. But give me time to consider whatever I’m thinking about and I come to some kind of sense. Which is what happened after yesterday’s post. Sooooo … I’ll now say what I was trying to say yesterday and didn’t say very well.
I want to talk about brands.
Brands are important. They are easily recognizable and they make a promise that whatever is associated with that particular brand will meet certain criteria. Nike promises good footwear and they deliver good footwear. Dorchester Publishing promises good reads and they deliver good reads. And so on. You get the idea.
What I was trying to say yesterday in my clumsy, meandering way is that self-pubbers need a brand that can be attached to those self-pubbed books that can and do both promise and deliver a good read by an independent, self-publishing author. And the best place to find that brand is on a website devoted just to it. Nike has a website. Dorchester Publishing has one. Why not a website for self-pubbers whose works meet the criteria of being both well edited and of providing a good read?
Okay, I’m hopping down from that soapbox because, much as I’d like to be the person to make it happen, I’m not right. I’m shortly going to get some help to get those cute buttons on my website so people can actually like my stuff. And maybe in the process I’ll get it linked to all the places it should be linked to but isn’t because I don’t know how to do it.
The sad truth is that I’m a technological klutz but I believe that there’s someone out there who has the ability to do this and I hope they get busy. I’ll help. I expect a lot of other people will too.

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