Some semi-famous writer once said that f

Some semi-famous writer once said that first you write the book, then you publish it, then you promote it. I think that’s right. I’ve now written a few books, I’ve published them, and now I’m involved in promoting them even as I work on the next novel. It’s that part about doing all that as I work on the next novel that’s totally unexpected.
Because I didn’t think it would work that way. I thought I’d write a book, publish it, publicize it and then I’d go to work on the next novel without referring back to the previous ones. Hah!
I now know that writing and publishing independently is a never-ending process. The more books I write and publish, the more publicizing I do and that includes each and every book and short story of mine.
So here’s to the previous stories and books. The Eye of the Universe. Spirit Legend. Why Birds Fly. Down From the Mountain, The River Boy, When Dreams Do Come True. Wolf Legend. Write Like A Pro, The Goldfish Pone, Wanted Sharpshooter. And all those hundreds of previous stories I sold the rights to that I don’t have to publicize at all! You can find some of them in the re-published ‘Trues.’
And here’s to the next book. Earth Legend. May you get just as much TLC as my other babies. Maybe more because I’m learning.

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