Spirit Legend

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Legends are fascinating. Most have a connection to reality, however tenuous. Some connections aren’t tenuous at all. Some legends are true. The three books of the ‘Legends’ trilogy are about those legends.

Legend says a spirit lives in the lake in the center of a tract of wilderness purchased by Macallister Outdoors. While Charlie, forester or Macallister Outdoors, and Ian Macallister, are checking out the new property… and incidentally the legend… a horrific storm destroys the forest and the beaver dam that created the lake.  Ian decides to stay in order to repair the dam. After all, it might be home to a spirit. Might be. Then night falls and lights appear over the water  and Ian and Charlie must face the fact that the legend was right and the spirit is real and might just blame them for the destruction of the lake it calls home.  But they soon learn that they can’t go home because the storm has destroyed the forest, their transportation and the trails they must follow to return to civilization. And they must come to terms with a spirit that wants to communicate with them.

I wrote this story because I love the north woods.  I love the wilderness in general and I’m glad I’ve been privileged to live in one of the forested regions of the USA.  Often, on walks through the woods, I’ve run across ponds or small lakes that are jewels in the forest.  They are the places photographers visit in the autumn to create greeting cards showing a pond surrounded by beautiful trees.  And I’ve always thought that such ponds or tiny lakes could well be home to unknown spirits.  So now you know the inspiration for Spirit Legend.

The inspiration for the storm that isolated the characters in the wilderness and destroyed the lake the spirit lived in was the July 4, 1999 storm that was the largest blow-down ever recorded in North America.  It devastated much of northern Minnesota. It only lasted about 20 minutes but the winds were in excess of 90 miles per hour.  It’s effects will be felt for a lifetime.  We were sitting in the kitchen that day when we saw dark clouds approaching.  As they grew nearer, it looked as if the earth itself was being lifted into the sky.  We ran for the basement.  Though we were fine, the wilderness was changed dramatically.  Our daughter, who was on a train shortly after the storm, told of looking out the train window for hours at a time and seeing trees that had been flattened by the storm.I cannot even imagine how many miles of forest were destroyed.  Even now, years later, we occasionally still see remnants of that storm.
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