Got so caught up with having company tha

Got so caught up with having company that I almost forgot to post. Good company does that.
it’s like writing. When things are going right, time passes unnoticed and hours can be gone with no idea where they went. Other times, when the story comes hard, minutes can seem like hours. The odd thing, though, is that the result is often the same. I’ve written stories that readers have said were among the best I’ve ever written that were pulled from some place inside of me one word at a time with great effort. I was sure those stories would be terrible, but they weren’t. Other times, I’ve written a first draft in no time that ended up being the final version and they were good too.
I won’t mention those other stories, the ones that were truly bad. And I didn’t know they were bad until someone else told me.
I guess the moral of this post is that we writers need readers for a lot more than just reading our stories. We need them to vet our work, to tell us when we’re getting it right and when we aren’t.
Now if I could just know ahead of time which it would be before I sit down to write!

2 responses to “Got so caught up with having company tha”

  1. I’m incapable of seeing a story prompt until someone else points it out. So I’d best leave prescience and the stories that can come from it to readers and writers with a lot more mental acuity than I have.

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