We saw snowbirds in the field behind our

We saw snowbirds in the field behind our house this morning. They are a warning of cold weather to come. They normally live in the arctic where they eat microscopic things that live in the snow. Mites, perhaps, or lice. Don’t know what for sure, just that they actually need snow and that means they need cold weather. They come south when the wind comes to us straight from the arctic.
So it’ll be cold today. We’ll go for a drive somewhere to make sure the SUV battery is full. Probably stop for lunch if we can find a place that’s not already full with other people doing the same thing. Town will be busy today, the opposite of what you’d expect when it’s truly cold. I believe the temps are supposed to be in the minus thirty degree range.
I suppose people in northern Canada and Alaska laugh at us because we think this is cold. But I suspect they have extra batteries in their vehicles and when the temps drop to whatever they consider truly cold that they just look out the window and put another log on the fire.
As for me, when we return from town, I’m going to hit the computer. And perhaps pull the curtains so I won’t see those harbingers of cold weather. Or maybe I won’t because they are pretty. They appear to be the size of wrens, though that could be because I’m not close enough to see their true size. They appear gray against the white snow but when they fly, they seem to be snow white. Lovely, small birds who thrive in the cold.

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