The explosion of self-published books ou

The explosion of self-published books out there has led to an explosion of another kind. Web sites promising to publicize those books. Because without publicity, books don’t reach many readers. I’m currently checking out a number of such sites to try to figure out which may be the best places to publicize the particular kind of books that I write. It’s slow going, checking out all these places, but it’s kind of enjoyable because, in the process of looking for publicity for my own books, I’m learning a lot about the business end of the book business.
Some specialize in electronic books, some in print books, and some seem equally comfortable with both.
So which is better, a place that just handles the kind of books I write or the kind that handles every kind imaginable? Should I go for specialized places that target my readers? If so, who exactly are my readers? I find I must face the fact that I don’t truly know and that admission forces me to acknowledge the fact that I have some heavy-duty work ahead of me before I decide where to put my limited marketing budget.
The work of a writer is never done.

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