We’re putting together our second jigsa

We’re putting together our second jigsaw puzzle this winter. As I pore over the places still waiting to be filled in by all those pieces scattered around the puzzle, I think how much this process is like writing a story.
First you put the edge together. You lay out the outlines of the story. Second you choose those pieces that will separate the puzzle into smaller, manageable segments to be worked on later. You divide the story into major parts. Third, you start the slow process of filling in those segments. You begin writing scenes. Fourth, you find the pieces to make the puzzle whole, filling in the places that got missed earlier. You splice the scenes together and weave them into a story, creating new ones when needed, eliminating ones that serve no purpose. Fifth, you stand back and look in awe at the picture you have created. You put the story aside until it is cold in your mind, then you read it from start to finish to see if it has the feel you wanted.
They both are done best with no hurry and they both are accomplishments of note.

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