My work-in-progress, Earth Legend, is ab

My work-in-progress, Earth Legend, is about colonizing the universe. About going beyond the solar system to spread humanity to the stars. It’s also, according to some people, unlikely to ever happen because nothing can go faster than light speed. Impossible. Can’t happen.
Maybe that’s not true. One of the first things I read when I was a kid reading quasi-science in science fiction magazines was that if there is any way to exceed light speed, it’ll require utilizing electromagnetism.
I never forgot that but I figured it was just some science fiction writer’s fantasy. But not too long ago, watching a science program on TV, the subject of light speed came up and guess what? Scientists are working on the problem of building ships that can exceed the speed of light. And how are they doing it? By creating an electromagnetic bubble around a space ship. Within that bubble, the ship won’t be restricted to the speed of light because that bubble will be a tiny universe inside the larger universe as we know it. And it can go faster than light.
I like the idea of getting around the universe as easily as from New York to San Francisco. I like the thought that Chloe and everyone else on the Goliath can go really far really fast. And I like the idea that people aren’t limited by anything.
So I’m glad I sometimes write science fiction because in time it just might become science fact.

I’ve met writers whose social life revo

I’ve met writers whose social life revolves around the writing scene. They attend conferences and workshops and frequent coffee shops where other writers congregate. They love the life as much as they love writing.
I’ve done a little of that. I belong to a writers’ organization and I used to be active in it. But I discovered that belonging to any social group while living in the forest isn’t an easy task and I decided to spend my time writing instead of driving back and forth to meetings.
I miss the companionship of those other writers because the warmth of actual meetings is wonderful. But I find that the internet is an efficient and easy way to keep connected. It’s not quite the same as face-to-face meetings but it allows me to know many, many more writers all over the world than I otherwise could.
And that’s wonderful.

My first published works were written in

My first published works were written in first person, heroine’s point-of-view because I started my career writing confession stories and that’s what is required in that market. I see nothing wrong with this way of writing and was somewhat surprised to find that many publishers, many editors and many readers don’t like it.
I suspect their problem is with the writer, not the fact that the story was told in first person. Not all writers are talented and stories told in first person can be just as bad as those told from any other point of view. I also suspect that many new writers write in first person because they were told to do so in a writing class. So it may actually be true that more first person stories are poorly told than those told in other ways.
But I also know that first person can be an intense experience for the reader because they are seeing the story through the eyes of the protagonist.
I like that. I like intense.

Writing is an art. And a craft. And a bu

Writing is an art. And a craft. And a business. Sometimes keeping all those things straight is a bit of work. When to do the writing? The networking? The marketing? The book-work?
It used to be easier when a writer just wrote something, sent it off and either got it back or got a contract. That was before e-publishing took off and everything changed.
I’ve noticed that even the articles about the newest things in e-publishing usually include a caveat that what they are telling the reader could change any moment.
It’s exciting to be a part of such a changing, churning landscape. And challenging. But I don’t think I’d want any other job.

First a bit of housekeeping and an apolo

First a bit of housekeeping and an apology for the several posts yesterday. I needed to ready the blog for Wolf Legend publicity and didn’t know how to do it without posting several times. Even my WordPress for Dummies didn’t tell me. If anyone knows how to change a page or post and to check the links without publishing it, please tell me.
I like Maggie from Wanted Sharpshooter. And Charlie from Spirit Legend. And Jane from Wolf Legend. And so on. I like my main characters and would enjoy having them as friends.
Now today’s post… liking my characters.
Liking my main characters is important to me as a writer. it enables me to do a good job of portraying them and taking them through whatever obstacles come their way until they reach a good place. Perhaps that’s a hold-over from the time when I wrote Confession stories, which are all told in first person from a very deep point of view.
I can’t imagine writing about someone I don’t like. Neither can I imagine writing about murderers. How do writers who specialize in true crime do it? How can they sleep at night when their days are filled with gore and horrors that happened to someone?
I’m glad I write about nice people and I’ll continue to do so. You can always know that my heroes and heroines are decent, hard-working, moral people and they may be going through some tough times but that won’t change who they are or how they behave.

When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Do Come True

“When Dreams Do Come True” is a quick read about a woman who has a dream while wide awake in which she… and she alone… can save a lost child. But dreams aren’t real, right? Or are they?  The child is crying and asking her for help.  She can’t ignore her.  But if she goes with her  gut, ignores common sense, and steps into the dream in order to save the child, what will happen?  Will she be able to return to the real world once the child is safe?  Or will she cease to exist?  And what about the child’s good-looking father who is searching frantically for his daughter?  What will happen if they meet?

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