Everyone who reads this blog knows that

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I tend to talk about two things. Writing and the weather. Writing because I’m a writer. The weather because… well because where I live the weather is important.
Minnesota weather is not only constantly changing, it’s also hard to predict. Often Minnesota forecasters present several possible future weather scenarios because there are so many variables that it’s difficult to know for sure what will happen. Add to that the fact that for many years we owned a resort, the success of which was strongly dependent on the weather and you can see why the weather is almost as important to my daily life as writing is.
Writing can be is insidious. Even on days when the weather is wonderful and draws me outside to feel the world slide over me I just might stay inside at my laptop to make sure the spirit in Spirit Legend sings the right song. Or that Chloe in Earth Legend communicates competently with the plants on the space ship. I might do those things instead of going outside.
But sometimes I do actually shut the laptop and go outside. Occasionally I leave the comfort of the house to seek out a world that is a major source of inspiration to me. I don’t know why I need the outside world, I just know that often a walk in the wilderness, or along the road, or through the field behind our house sends my imagination into overdrive.
It happens even in weather like we are having this winter. Awful weather. Nasty cold. If I step outside I must dress against brutal winds and walk on crusted snow that’s deep enough in places that if I break through, I find myself up to my hips in the white stuff.
But that’s okay because eventually all that outside world finds its way into my stories and novels.

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