I learned something yesterday. Facebook

I learned something yesterday. Facebook has a word limit. I learned this little fact by writing a post that evidently went over that limit, so it got cut in the middle of a sentence. If anyone wants to read the rest of the post, it can be found in its entirety on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll try to remember after this, which is saying a lot for a writer. Anyway, here’s a link for those of you who want to read the rest of the post. http://FlorenceWitkop.com

6 responses to “I learned something yesterday. Facebook”

  1. Florence, to avoid that problem, write and post your articles on your blog – then use the FB share button under it to send it to your FB Timeline / Authors page AND any FB Groups you are in. You can do the same by using the share buttons for Google+, LinkedIn, etc, if you have accounts and groups there 🙂

    Alternatively, use publicize to upload articles automatically to them 🙂

  2. Viewers can then click on the article and come to you blog to read them in full 🙂

  3. How odd. I’ve been doing exactly what you suggested all along. When I checked my Facebook author page and clicked on it to finish reading it, I was directed to my blog. And i never knew it happened that way until you told me. I do send my blog posts to both my personal and author pages because I’m a klutz and suspect that most of my Facebook author followers actually click on my personal page. So l always do them both the same by choosing them both from Hootsuite.

  4. I have a FB admin page. Does the same apply to admin pages, Ape?

  5. I don’t know, what is your FB page called – I couldn’t find a link to it on your blog or graveyard 🙂

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