Wordiness, as in my last post,is a probl

Wordiness, as in my last post,is a problem for writers but it isn’t the only thing we have to think about. Another problem can arise when there are simply too many characters for a reader to keep track of. In my book of advice for writers, Write Like A Pro, (you can find a link to it in my last post if you are interested… or not) I mention the Rule of Three. I love that rule but it only helps the writer avoid confusing readers during a specific scene. It doesn’t help if there are simply too many characters in the story.
I’m glad I don’t have that problem. Perhaps I have an opposite problem, if there is such a thing, because I seldom have more than a handful of characters in a whole book. Sometimes just two or three with any other characters existing only to keep the story going. They depart as soon as possible. Like Mickey in Spirit Legend. He’s there for one scene. Or Carlos in Wanted Sharpshooter. He’s in most of the book but just in a glancing way. The book isn’t about him, it’s about Maggie, Max and a man-eating cougar. (Not the older woman kind, the kind with paws and fur and really sharp teeth.)
I like having few characters, I like the focus on the main characters and on the flow of the story. But that’s me. Fortunately, writers are a varied lot and some can and do handle huge casts of characters with ease.

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