The days are getting longer. They start

The days are getting longer. They start lengthening immediately after the winter solstice but the difference is too small to notice until February, around Groundhog Day. Not only do the days get longer, the sunlight is stronger. No longer the weak, insipid light of winter, it gives not only heat, which is what brings Spring, it gives more light. A lot more. Think floodlights and more.
All that white snow glares like sun on water. Boaters wear sunglasses because of that bright light. And Eskimos also need sunglasses, especially in late winter when the warming sun melts the snow enough to put a gloss on that entire white world.
We don’t like to wear sunglasses in the house so we close the curtains enough to shut out the worst of the outside brilliance. Where trees grow close to the house there’s no problem but to the northeast is an open field and the windows there are plentiful. So starting sometime soon, a few weeks at most, we’ll have to pull the curtains and shut out that beautiful view because it’ll be too much.
I will miss the view. Occasionally I’ll peek behind the curtains for a brief glimpse.

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