I like animals and have no problem writi

I like animals and have no problem writing about them when they are characters in my stories. And there are many animals in my books. Plants are another thing entirely.
I can kill plants easily and do on a regular basis. My husband, who grew up working in his uncle’s greenhouse, can grow anything and shudders when I get near green things because he knows me.
But the plants in Earth Legend are major characters. So I’m having a hard time giving them true character status. I’ve tried pretending that they are animals and that helps but I suspect that they have a genuine gripe against my somewhat tepid portrayal of their idiosyncrasies.
I’m working on it. I think I’m getting there. But I wonder if characters in books can sue their creator. Anyone know?

2 responses to “I like animals and have no problem writi”

  1. They can’t sue you, but they can haunt you Florence 😀

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