I can’t sit for long periods of time wi

I can’t sit for long periods of time without doing something so I’m always looking for something to do while watching TV, which is what we do evenings. Sound familiar?
My latest gig is making my own greeting cards. Since we send over one hundred cards a year, I don’t have the problem of getting rid of whatever I make. I learned the hard way that you can only give so many baskets away and wood-burned plaques decorate too many walls already. But cards are always needed and can be tossed away afterwards, eliminating the problem of over-supply. Moreover, making cards is fun.
So now every evening I’m in a quandary which to do. Write? Make cards? Both fit nicely into my life and both present deadlines by which time they must be finished and in the mail or published on Amazon. So there’s always something to do and those things have built-in reasons for ignoring other work that needs attention.
I think this is the most wonderful problem ever, which of two things I enjoy doing to do, knowing that no matter how much I create the world is large enough to absorb the result.

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