On a recent Sunday, we watched the Super

On a recent Sunday, we watched the Superbowl game. Not very exciting as Superbowl games go. Not quite a blowout but close. The teams didn’t seem to be evenly matched and the score was lop-sided. But somehow, the game was fun to watch anyway because, even though the end was evident pretty soon into the game because the players and the strategy were some of the best in the game.
Some stories are like that. They don’t sound very exciting if you try to describe them. They are definitely not well balanced. Too much dialog or too little. Too much action or too little. Scenes that don’t seem to have anything to do with the story. And so on. But somehow the story itself is worth reading because something about it… the story itself… the characters… the description… or something else entirely… is good enough that the whole thing makes a good read.
I like some stories that aren’t well-balanced if there’s something about it that I do like. And I look forward to next year’s Superbowl even though I’m not a football fan.

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