I couldn’t open the back door yesterday

I couldn’t open the back door yesterday because it was frozen shut. It’s on the north side of the house. So I went to the back door, the one on the south side, to find that it opened easily and that the space in front of the door was clear of snow for a few feet even though I haven’t done any shoveling. All because the sun is now high enough in the sky that it gives out a surprising amount of heat.
I remember a day long ago like today. No wind, lots of sun on several feet of snow. We went outside with the intention of going snowmobiling. But we didn’t. Instead, we opened our coats and lay back on the snowmobile seats and went sunbathing.
I thought about that day as I stood in the warm sun. Then I returned to the front door again… the one on the north side of the house… and it still wouldn’t open.
No matter, if I want to be warm and enjoy the sun I’ll simply wander down south a bit, all the way to the back of the house, and enjoy a momentary trip to a warmer climate.

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