I thought I was done parenting when the

I thought I was done parenting when the last child moved out. Wrong!
Even though we said we’d not have any more pets, somehow both a dog and a cat have become members of our household and we find that we are parents once more, even though our children now are of the four-legged variety.
They must be separated occasionally. They must be loved often. They must be coaxed back to smiles when they are sulking. And their potty needs must be taken into consideration before we can think of ourselves and what we want to do.
So once again, I look forward to the day when I can sit down to write without wondering what the kids are doing and whether I’ll be able to get anything done before I have to stop to take care of their needs. But I also know that, like human children, we wouldn’t trade either of them for any other family on earth.
But no, we aren’t looking for any more.

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